My father established The Bartley Collection, Ltd in Prairie View, IL in 1974.

He launched the fledgling mail-order business in our garage, relocating thereafter to a proper showroom and factory. In 1981 he decided to move Bartley’s production to Easton, Maryland where he could combine expanding business needs with a personal love of boating and good options for raising a family. The property my parents' purchased was an oasis - complete with a guest house for hosting big family events. As my sisters and I grew up, we enjoyed the chaos of our large family gatherings as well as innumerable parties with friends. (Photos of both can be found on our restaurant walls.) The guest house was, for many decades, the perfect spot for get-togethers of any kind. It was well loved by all of us and certainly served as a comfortable, welcoming space to entertain.
Dad eventually sold his business and retired into the slow pace of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. One of the most popular pieces reproduced by The Bartley Collection was a classic bow-back Windsor chair, originally made in the 16th century in England. These versatile chairs were used throughout the dining area in the guest house and continue to be utilized in the homes of my siblings and me. When my husband Kevin and I dreamed of opening our own restaurant, we wanted it to be a special place like the original guest house where all are welcome and feel right at home. We chose the Windsor chair as part of our logo because it represents my dad’s entrepreneurial spirit (and now ours), a family heritage, and lasting memories. We hope our guests will find The Guest House a comfortable place to gather among their own friends and family. Cheers!
TOP: Amanda and her dad, 1977BOTTOM: The original Guest House, 1980